Furniture flips

Do you have a piece of furniture you're not ready to give up? Does it need a little color or new handles? We are here to help. Neat Dreams also provides repurpose and repainting services for items in your home or office you would like brought back to life. Take a look at some Before/After photos below. See something you like? Let us know about your dream. Also you can Email us about pieces for sale.


Neat Dreams Design offers custom furniture makeovers. Each item is painted by hand with a brush and/or foam brush. If you are looking for creating a unique piece of furniture please send us an email with a pictures (front, back, and sides) of your piece of furniture and a few photos of your desired look. Once those have been received, we will give you a quote on the cost – email us at

Once the estimate has been provided you are required to provide 50% of the deposit at the time of scheduling. 

How does it work?

1. To start, you can email us a few photos of your piece of furniture. Include the measurements of your piece and what you are looking for as the finished result. If you are looking for add-ons such as knobs changed or dark waxed applied please let us know this as well so we can include this in your pricing. Also include you color selection or idea.

2. We will email you back with pricing for the work as well as a recommended color from one of the 4 lines of paint we use. These are the only lines we currently work with for custom projects. We will also include a drop off time and pick up time for your project. You are responsible for finding transportation for your furniture to and from the drop off site.

3. If you would like to move forward with the project, we will send you a contract and 50% of the cost is due at the time the contract is signed.  This will secure your appointment. Please send or back your signed contract and deposit. Usually projects  can take up to 12 days depending on the size and our schedule.