Welcome to Neat Dreams Interior Design. We provide different options to help decorate your new space to fit your lifestyle. Check out our Design service and packages that are offered. We would love to help you create your dream room.

Dream up a new space, create your zen, and live your best life!!
— Neat Dreams
Help Me With Direction

This package is designed for the client who just needs help being pointed in the right direction. This service provides as much advice and ideas towards the look you are shooting for within your space. Through a vision board of furniture, decor, and quality images, you’ll be able to go out and get started! We highly recommend taking notes to absorb as much info as possible. Pricing is 85.00 per room.

  • 45 minute discussion of design ideas, lifestyle, and your vision of your space.

  • Advice on product shopping, color palette selection, and budget planning.

  • 1 Vision Board with 2 edits

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Tell me more ... Where can I buy?

This service is designed for clients who need more help with product pricing and selection. Tell me more ….. is the perfect design guideline for creating your space. Pricing is 135.00 per room.

  • Vision Board from consultation

  • Furniture selection and Color Scheme Selection

  • Shopping List and full estimate of Items within vision board

  • Floorplan design for all items with 2 edits.

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I have everything ..... where do I put it?

This plan is for the client who has picked a theme, colors, bought decor, and furnishings who just needs help with the layout of the room. Once you’ve decided you have everything you need, Neat Dreams will come out, organize, help arrange the decor, and layout to complete your desired look. Easy Peasy! The initial visit for finalizing and completion is 175.00 per room and 75.00 per visit until room is complete.

  • 45 minute discussion of design ideas, lifestyle, and your vision of the space

  • Advice on product shopping and organization

  • A scheduled visit to the space for decor and furniture placement (3 hour limit)

  • Complimentary Donation drop-off of discarded items.

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